Footprints: Imprints Between Generations

NATWA II will be sponsoring a special award within the Footprints: Imprints Between Generations contest for entries by Taiwanese American and Canadian women. Footprints, brought to you by the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA), is a collaborative and interactive web-based contest that collects reflections of intergenerational relationships between Taiwanese Americans. The contest will engage the Taiwanese American community in submitting visual art, online media, and essays about the personal connections they have with family and friends from another generation.

The award is open to Taiwanese American and Canadian women who submit an entry through the Footprints website. To enter the contest, visit the Footprints website at Your submission must follow the contest guidelines on the site. To submit, follow the instructions on the Submit Page. The contest submission is open from April 1-May 1. The award winner will be announced during Taiwanese American Heritage Week in May. NATWA II will be announcing the prize soon, so stay tuned!

a project by ITASA, find out more: 


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