Come hear Taiwanese American adoptee Marijane Buck-Nguyen personal story at NATWA convention this April

Come meet Marijane Buck-Nguyen, a Taiwanese American adoptee and hear her personal story and long journey of searching her true identity.

Read her blog- Beyond two worlds: Musing of an Asian American Adoptee
and her interview

Marijane Buck-Nguyen’s bio–
Marijane Buck-Nguyen is a Taiwanese-American adoptee. She was adopted by a Caucasian-American military couple at the age of four months in Taipei, Taiwan. Her father was transferred from Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa to the U.S. after her adoption where she and her family eventually settled in Bossier City, Louisiana. She grew up in a predominantly “white” suburb of other military families. Growing up in a culturally non-diverse environment had a huge impact on Marijane’s life. She remembers being teased while growing up due to “looking different” from those around her, which eventually caused her to reject her cultural heritage. Marijane’s adoptive parents did not share much information regarding her adoption other than she was of Vietnamese and Japanese descent. However, after her adoptive mother’s death, she discovered her adoption papers, which her parents hid in the family attic, to find that her birth parents were both Chinese. This discovery was shocking and sparked an increasing curiosity about her mysterious adoption. Thus began a journey toward searching for her true identity, including searching for her birth family in Taiwan and recovering a sense of her lost Taiwanese heritage. After a two-year search, Marijane was reunited with her entire birth family in Taiwan on the eve of the Lunar New Year and is happily embracing her Taiwanese roots. She actively advocates for greater awareness of the identity issues often experienced by trans-racially and trans-culturally adopted individuals


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