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2016 Convention NATWA II Events & Speakers

Great News! This year at our annual NATWA convention held in Milpitas, California, we are opening up our NATWA II talks and events to non-registrants and non-members for a small fee per event. Come join us at one, or two, or three events that match your interest and your schedule!

Registering as a member will get you access to all events for free and you’ll get a cute NATWA purse as memento! To register as a member, click here. After you register, Lingling will email you for payment to be sent to: 2186 Cameo Dr. Troy, MI 48098.

If you’d like to selectively choose our events, please check out our schedule here and register for the events here.

For all events, please also fill out our NATWA II survey.

All our speaker talks will be priced at $20, check out our wonderful speakers for this year’s convention:

Saturday morning 4/23 Keynote Speaker

Margaret McCaffery has distinguished herself as a leader for community change focusing on women who need the vocational skills, emotional support and social experiences to re-enter society after incarceration.  Among many other organizations, she has served on the Miami Task Force on Human Trafficking. Through her work in human trafficking, Margaret learned about the Agape Network, a half-way house which provides drug abuse treatment for ex-incarcerated and trafficked women.  

At the invitation of the CEO of Agape, Margaret visited the facility in Goulds and discovered an abandoned greenhouse on the grounds. Margaret enrolled and became a Master Gardener at the University of Florida Cooperative in Homestead. Fortunately, by talking to a farmer, she was referred to Urban GreenWorks, a Miami nonprofit run by James Jiler. James turned out to have had a successful ten year re-entry project for convicts at Rikers Island in New York City, and he liked the idea of working with female ex-convicts because he thought women make good gardeners. When they partnered, grants rolled in, the first one came through from Women’s Fund of Miami for ‘soil and seeds’. It was getting that initial grant which ‘grounded’ the vision of the greenhouse into reality.   James provided a part-time instructor, and with Agape’s support, Margaret started the first Mustard Seed project for the Agape women in August 2013. Since then, 45 women have participated in the Mustard Seed, spending time learning horticulture from a minimum of one month to some as long as a year.

Margaret has continued her leadership work in the Soroptimist International, which is an outpost of an NGO global women organization with which she worked as part of her post as Gender Focal Point at the United Nations Secretariat.  The Soroptimist mission is “improving the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.”   In her leadership role in the Soroptimist International, Margaret has regularly reported on the success and challenges of her work with Mustard Seed to her organization and encouraged members to contribute time or funding to support this work.

In addition to the direct volunteer work with gardening, Margaret has actively participated in forums and discussions of human trafficking and its impact in our community, urging participants to become involved in supporting effective solutions at the local level. Margaret networks with members of several community organizations and shares the success of her work with the women at the Mustard Seed, while encouraging interested persons to volunteer as part of the project or contribute resources to support the work.

Sunday morning 4/24 Body Image Panel Discussion

Tammy Chang is a holistic nutrition and fitness coach who believes that diet and movement are the keys to living a long and happy life. Since graduating from holistic nutrition school Bauman College in 2012, she now coaches clients to become nutrition gurus in the kitchen, and to support them through making sustainable habit changes to promote holistic weight loss and optimal health.  Tammy also has a BA from Duke University and Masters in Education from Brooklyn College.  In her other life, she is a fitness instructor and runs her own capoeira school in Oakland, California.   

Lisa Wang is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, practicing with the general adult population. She has been working in  the community mental  health sector for nearly 15 years, which often serves the indigent and homeless population.  She received her undergraduate bachelors degree at UC Berkeley, her  medical degree from Medical University of South Carolina, and trained in her Psychiatry residency at Oregon Health Sciences University. Born in the US from Taiwanese immigrant parents, she enjoys visiting her relatives (located mostly near and in Kaohsiung), learning languages, travel, dancing, and improvisational theater.

Sophia Yen MD, MPH is a Taiwanese-American pediatrician who specializes in Adolescents (patients aged 12 through college). She currently works at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in the Teen and Young Adult clinic in Mountain View where she teaches medical students, residents and fellows. She grew up in Northern California, went to MIT for a bachelor’s in biology, UCSF for her medical degree, Children’s Hospital Oakland for her pediatric residency, UCSF for her fellowship in adolescent medicine and UC Berkeley for her Masters in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health.

Her research interests include: emergency contraception (EC) perceptions and preferences by adolescents, EC provision by pediatricians and other physicians, sexual health websites’ accuracy of information, determinants of tampon versus pad use, technology and video games as a treatment for pediatric obesity. She is also a strong advocate for obesity treatment and prevention, reproductive rights, adolescent reproductive rights, mental health access for children and adolescents, universal healthcare, comprehensive sexuality education, and public education.

She is married to her high school sweetheart and has 2 daughters. She hopes someday to be the first surgeon general to say masturbation without being fired. Her goal is to prevent all teenage pregnancy – no teen should want to get pregnant (because there are so many better things to do during your teen years) and no teen should get pregnant (because there are lots of great effective birth control out there and youth should have easy access to comprehensive sexuality education in school and confidential reproductive healthcare to prevent unplanned pregnancy and abortion.)

To achieve her goal, she co-founded to show that women can be anything they work hard towards. SheHeroes provides free online video-biographies with discussion questions.

She founded the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women and Men Who Trust Women to increase awareness of and activate the majority of the population that supports reproductive rights and allowing women to decide what happens in their uteri.

Hope to see you there!


2016 Annual NATWA Convention

Frazzled with work? Are you a tired mom or regrettably out of touch with community? Take a break to recharge yourself and join us at the NATWA 2016 convention (April 22-24, 2016), registration is now open!  The convention will take place in Milpitas, CA. Please click here to register and choose meal plan C for Saturday dinner only as NATWA II participant.

Check out our schedule for activities that NATWA II will be participating in.

Join your awesome fellow TA sisters as we engage in lively discussions, insightful workshops and opportunities for self-care.  A few of this year’s highlights include these events:

Tour the Egyptian Museum in San Jose – the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in western North America.  (Friday, April 22 at 4pm, leave hotel 3:30)  

Be weird, be random, be who you are, because you never know who’d love the person you hide. Come experience Emmy’s energy-building icebreakers, then chill as we tour some perverse ideas of Taiwanese sweets —it’s not what you think, but hopefully all fun and games! Engage for your chance to win prizes. (Friday April 22, after dinner)

Resilience – Learn about easy, readily applicable ways to minimize stress, optimize effectiveness, and enhance overall life satisfaction.  In this workshop, Kathy shares data-driven results from experts who use scientific methods. Learn the 7 habits of highly resilient people, and let your personal bulls-eye activity help you assess your situation. (Saturday, April 23)

Body Image – join your funny, charismatic, and ridiculously wise sisters (such as Sophia, who aspires to be the first Surgeon General NOT to be fired for saying the word “masturbation”), as we talk about what could be the villains in contributing to how we feel about ourselves, and simple things we can do to become better sheros to ourselves, to all sisters of any age/race/creed/culture, and to our society.  (Sunday April 24)

Issues with budget? Be hosted by a sis who would love to connect with rides or lodging!

To best accommodate you (arrivals, departures, rides, lodging), or for connecting with other sisters, please answer this short survey and cast your vote for:

1) Friday night dinner, and 2) connecting info/choices.   

See for details on hotel, FAQs and more.

We are also offering a scholarship with priority for first-time attendees or participants who have not received the stipend in the past. Please fill out this application if interested.

This year’s theme is Compassion.  May your days be filled with good thoughts, kind people, and happy moments. Hope to see you soon at the convention.


2016 NATWA II Scholarship Application for NATWA Convention

The 2016 NATWA Convention will be held at the Embassy Suites Milpitas – Silicon Valley in Milpitas, CA from Thursday, April 21st to Sunday, April 24th, 2016. The NATWA II Scholarship Application to attend the 2016 NATWA Conference is now open. Please apply here by Friday, March 18th. First time attendees or participants who have not received the stipend in the past will receive priority. Scholarship recipients will be notified as soon as possible to ensure early bird registration by March 29th.

You can now also register online for the 2016 NATWA Convention here.

More information about the NATWA II program of the convention and speakers will be announced soon.


LA NATWA II Hike & Dinner Meetup

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Come hang out with other NATWA II folks in the LA area for an easy East Griffith Park Observatory Trail, meeting up at 3:30pm, and/or join us for dinner at Pine & Crane at 5:30pm.

Please check the event page for more information.