2007 Seattle, Washington

<font size=6>NATWA Convention April 20-22, 2007, in Seattle!!</font>

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NATWA II Program Highlights:

Friday (April 20)

NATWA Speech series (afternoon):

“Business and Community Empowerment: A Taiwanese Cultural Project”
Yi-Miao Huang – Executive Director of New York Taiwan Center

“The Roller Coaster Ride of Running a Second Generation Group in Taiwanese American Community”
Iris Ho – Communications Manager and YPG Coordinator of FAPA

NATWA II Happy Hour:  Re-acquaint ourselves/get to know each other. (volunteers are needed)

NATWA Night: Come and see what talents your mom or NATWA chapters have!

Saturday (April 21)

NATWA keynote Addresses:  Joining the keynote panel, NATWA II has recommend a 1.5- or 2nd generation.  Currently, Ms. Bik-Kim Hsiao is being invited. She is a Congresswoman from Taiwan, who grew up in the U.S. and went back to Taiwan to serve.

Round Table Discussion (Tong Sin Yuan):  NATWA II will host a round table discussion on “Intercultural and Multilingual Family Relations.” A clinical psychologist specializes in TA/C families is being invited to serve as an advisor during the session.

Seattle Night: Sharpen (or test) your music skills by joining a small segment that NATWA II participants will present together. The night is organized by Ohio Chapter and NATWA members in Seattle.


Sunday (April 22)- NATWA II Spotlight

Sunday morning is devoted to highlighting NATWA II members. Our idea is to showcase talented and committed Taiwanese American/Canadian women in different professions or topics each year. This year, “Taiwanese American/Canadian Women in Public Services” (tentative title) is the theme, in matching with the overall Convention theme: “Reaching Out.”

Confirmed Panel Speakers for “TA/C Women in Public Services”:

1. Karin Wang – Vice President, Asian Pacific American Legal  Center (Los Angeles)

2. Jen Lai – Lawyer, Women Labor Advocate (San Diego)

3. Nancy Lin – Manager, Occupational Therapies for people in Prisons and with mental illness (Toronto)

4. Kristine Wang – Staff, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez Office (Los Angeles)

Please check out our website to read Karen Lee’s account of her eye-opening experience at the 2006 Convention http://natwa.com/natwa2/karensarticle.html