Grayce Liu

“Self defense isn’t just about punching and kicking.  It
involves learning about yourself and how you interact with the world.  I think
it’s wonderful and amazing to see how empowered women become when they
understand that the brain, not brawn, is their best weapon.  Self defense and
assertiveness training helps women find the warrior in them.” – Grayce Liu on self defense

Grayce Wey Liu works as a community educator in Los Angeles.  Her  background in law, mediation, business, entertainment and nonprofit work provides invaluable experience for both her day job writing policy for the the ninety-three Neighborhood Councils in the City of Los Angeles and for her volunteer work in domestic violence in the Asian and Pacific Islander community and community empowerment in general.  Grayce teaches a variety of classes to the public, including effective communication, conflict resolution, cultural competency, nonviolent parenting and self defense, and also produces public service announcements and documentaries in her spare time.  She has been honored with county, state and federal awards for her community work.  Made in Taiwan (though born in the U.S), Grayce has lived in Taiwan and feels an affinity to all things Taiwanese.  So she is grateful to NATWA for giving her the opportunity to share her knowledge with their members.


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