2012 San Jose, California

The North America Taiwanese Women’s Association II (NATWAII) at 2012 NATWA 北美洲臺灣婦女會 Convention in San Jose/Silicon Valley, CA. This year’s theme is “Love and Compassion/愛心、關懷”.
Fri., April 20, 2012 to Sun., April 22, 2012
Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley
Actress, writer, producer and director working in both theater and film

Music therapist (MT-BC), pianist, mom, wife, and entertainment enthusiast


Michi F.  Los Angeles, CA

Monique H. Portland, OR

Hanna H. Austin, TX

Jenn C. Columbus, OH

Karen L. San Francisco, CA

Kimmy C. Toronto, Canada

Gloria C. Northern CA

Pamela H. Chicago, IL

Kathy R. San Francisco, CA

Patty L. Irvine, CA

Jeanny M. Berkeley, CA

Erica L. Austin, CA

Nikki D. Los Angeles, CA

Connie L. Berkeley, CA

Kristina L. Berkeley, CA

Kimberly K. San Francisco, CA

Tammy C. San Francisco, CA

Chiao-Wen L. Berkeley, CA

Joanna L. San Francisco, CA


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