February 2011


The new year has arrived and we are now in full swing of planning for the upcoming 2011 Annual Conference. The conference will be held in St. Louis, MO from April 21-24. Our feature Sunday panel will be “Taiwanese-American and Canadian Women Creating New Paths,” as part of the overall Women Empowerment theme of the convention. We hope to see all our NATWA II sisters there! Stay tuned for more information concerning our special Mother-Daughter projects. Best wishes to everyone in this new and upcoming lunar year of the Rabbit.

This January’s newsletter holds the following articles:

Footprints: Imprints Between Generations
Eaton Canyon Hike
Easy Peasy Farmgirl Beauty Secrets
Infinite Garage Project

In addition, NATWA II would like to feature profiles of Taiwanese American and Canadian women on our new website. If you have any nominations or recommendations for our Women of NATWA II series, please contact Hanna Huang, NATWA II Intern, at info@admin.natwa2.org


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