Easy Peasy Farmgirl Beauty Recap

by Michi Fu

Did you know that crushed aspirin and honey make a gentle exfoliator for your body?  Have you ever slathered unsweetened yogurt as a facial mask?  These and many more beauty secrets were shared during a Southern California NATWA II event held on September 19, 2010.

Combining nature-respecting values and 11 years of skincare-obsessed research, Kocomo Chou (a first generation Taiwanese American) has accumulated a whole lot of beauty tips to share! As a beauty industry insider, Santa Ana Beauty Examiner blogger, and the writer/creator of beauty blog Brilliant Farmgirl’s Beauty Secrets, she was willing to reveal her skincare/cosmetic must-haves and head-to-toe beauty secrets in her debut NATWA II Workshop, Easy Peasy Farmgirl Beauty.  Kocomo demonstrated some of her beauty tips & tricks and exposed her latest beauty product raves!

Those in attendance were also able to enjoy a refreshing detoxifying fuit cocktail made with Taiwanese brown rice vinegar.  Participants also went home with a vial of nature’s moisturizer: olive oil and were encouraged to experiment and find their personal “holy grail” of oils.

Many thanks to Kocomo for sharing her tips and to Stephanie Yang for graciously hosting our workshop.  Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events in Southern California or consider hosting a NATWA II event in your region!


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