Infinite Garage Project

By Hanna Huang

I stumble upon many blogs online that are wonderful. One that I happened to run across in the blogosphere is the “Infinite Garage Project.” The blog chronicles the journey of Raina Lee, author of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot: The Ultimate Guide To Karaoke Domination,” as she sifts through a garage full of 35 years’ worth of her parents’ belongings.

So what was it about this blog that makes it so special? Perhaps it’s the nostalgic posts full of her pictures her parents took in front of Taiwanese landmarks, the collection of string her grandfather (who has a penchant for collecting things) shipped over when they came to America, or maybe it’s the crazy fashions from the 60s and 70s that she is also selling on her Etsy store.

Unusual as it is, the “Infinite Garage Project” is a beautiful chronicling of one family’s journey as they traveled across the Pacific to the United States to establish a life for themselves. Lee’s personal anecdotes along with the items she showcases do exactly what she writes about the blog:

“The Infinite Garage is an attempt at examining life through objects however mundane, useless or beautiful. It’s a history of my family through things. But mainly it’s a personal purging project because I can’t move out of this house and on with my life until I get rid of the stuff.”

It’s enthralling reading through her posts. Lee’s writing is whimsical, engaging while provoking a nostalgic tone that readers are bound to be drawn in by. In relation to my identity as a Taiwanese American woman, I found myself drawing parallels to Lee’s posts and ruminations of her childhood memories.

During the recent holiday break, I found myself wandering around our family home. I was a recent graduate waiting for life to start, yet I found myself thinking a lot about the past and how I made it to where I am today. It was only natural that I stumbled upon the box and drawer full of our family photos. The most striking one for me was a photo of my family together in our old home. I had been living with my grandparents in Taiwan, and was finally reuniting with my parents after half a year. My grouchy face shows off my jetlag beautifully, and my mother looks harried from having to settle arrangements for everyone’s living accommodations. I never realized before how this photo essentially chronicles the start of our life in America.

Visit the blog here! Photo credits to the Infinite Garage Project for the first two photos in this post.


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