May 2011

Greetings once again ladies (and our honorary members),

The 2010 NATWA Annual Convention was a blast! It was great finally putting faces to names and seeing all the lovely ladies that were able to make it out. We literally braved a weekend of tornadoes for NATWA II. In our Spring newsletter, we will be featuring articles by our NATWA II Scholarship recipients about their experiences at the Convention, recaps from our current events, and more.

Below are the links to all the articles. We would love to hear feedback about any and all of them, so feel free to utilize the comments feature!

In addition, much thanks to our Official NATWA II Photographer, Shu Jon Mao, for  taking all the pictures during convention.

Self Defense & Your Mind by Julia Chung

Empowering Our Next Generation by Amy Lee

The NATWA II Monologues by Min Ho

Dumpling Party Wrap-Up by Joanna Lin

Taiwanese American Heritage Week by Hanna Huang


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