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2015 NATWAII Scholarship Application for NATWA Convention

The 2015 NATWA Convention will be held at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley. The NATWA II Scholarship Application to attend the 2015 NATWA Conference is now open. Please apply here or fill out the form below to submit by Wednesday, March 25. Scholarship recipients will be notified by Friday, March 27.

You can now also register online for the 2015 NATWA Convention here.

2015 NATWA Convention Online Registration
Deadline: Monday, March 30, 2015
***NATWA II Attendees, please only purchase Meal Plan C (Saturday Night Dinner) if you plan on joining us for that meal.

2015 NATWA Convention Schedule & Mail-In Registration Form

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Letter from the New NATWA President

May 8, 2011

Dear NATWA Sisters,

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I returned home from the annual convention in St. Louis. But the scenes of the five-day programs are still vivid on my mind. I would like to thank Leanne (Chiou) and her team for creating such

broad and enriching programs. We’ve also enjoyed the post-convention tours that took us to many “Show-Me-State” sites. Many thanks are also extended to the other-halves of the St Louis sisters. Their assistance and participation sure help the programs and tours run flawlessly. What a successful NATWA convention!

Here are the links to a video made by Sophia Chen (and her husband) of the Northern California Chapter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qHMX9knZPg or  http://www.taiwanus.net/news/press/2011/201105011717471211.htm

Thank you Sophia and Mr. Chen for preserving such beautiful memories with


We also thank “Taiwan Tribune” and “Pacific Time” for their timely coverage of the convention.

Now it’s time for me and my fellow team members of the North California Chapter to assume the responsibility of the NATWA activities of the year 2012. We are more than ready for the task that you’ve bestowed on us.

As for the highlight activity of the year 2011-2012 – the convention, we are happy to announce that the planning work is underway. Here are the when and where of the convention:

Time: Thursday-Sunday, April 19-22, 2012

Place: Crown Plaza in San Jose/Silicon Valley, California

We also will conduct the post-convention tours to visit the City of San Francisco, Monterey, and/or Lake Tahoe/Reno. Please reserve these days for a “me time” to enjoy the sisterhood of the NATWA family.

Wishing you a wonderful year!!

Anna Chang

President of NATWA 2011-2012


Newsletter & Annual Convention!

Hi everyone!

Our latest newsletter is now up. Click here to read it, or simply find it under our Newsletter section.

Also, the Annual NATWA Convention is coming up soon. Join us for the 2011 NATWA Convention in St. Louis!  We have a great program planned.  The convention theme is “Women Empowerment.” Visit the 2011 St. Louis Convention page to view our flyer w/program, and download the registration form. The Facebook event is also now up here. Make sure to register before 3/21 to save $20 with early registration!  You do not need to buy a meal plan, but we strongly suggest that you buy a ticket for the Saturday dinner banquet so we can all eat together.

We have eight $500 scholarships available to assist those in need to attend the convention.  Deadline for applications is March 6!